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Our Mission

The Journeys Group helps successful families, farmers, and other business owners navigate — with confidence — the roadmap of your life, your finances, and your legacy

Our Team

Since our firm was founded in 2002, our team has been committed to making a real difference in the lives of our clients, with straightforward, caring advice and guidance.

Meet The Team
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One Step Ahead

Your Journey Begins Here

For more than two decades, The Journeys Group has provided families and businesses across North Carolina and the South with caring, comprehensive financial planning, advice and guidance. 

We are a family-owned business, guided by our faith and committed to giving back to our community.  We build strong relationships with our clients and have built lifelong friendships with many.

We are personally and professionally committed to our clients’ success, and provide the education, advice, perspective, and discipline to make sure your journey leads to long-term financial freedom.

Our Process

Enjoy Life! Enjoy Retirement!

The Journeys Group offers “Journeys” a unique planning and investing program, grounded in the principles of faith, that enables our clients to take an insightful, self-exploratory approach to their most important financial values and goals.

The program is designed to make your money work more deliberately for you through Evidence-based strategies connected to your overall financial plan.

Through the “Journeys” process, we explore your goals and create a roadmap for your life, your finances, and the legacy you wish to leave.

Not only does this provide detailed directions for life and retirement, it can help ease your mind and give you confidence that you are on track to getting where you want to go.

The program is designed to make your money work more aggressively for you through strong financial strategies and personal growth as it pertains to managing your finances. “Journeys” allows you to explore your aims and devise a roadmap for your life, your finances, and the legacy you wish to leave for your family and community. Most importantly, it can help ease your mind to know that your investment decisions are intentional and appropriate.


We begin by getting to know one another. What are you looking to achieve? What are your long-term and short-term goals, your values, your opportunities, your challenges, your priorities?


Based on your goals and priorities, we develop a long-term financial plan, custom-tailored to your unique situation.


Because your life and circumstances can change, we regularly monitor your accounts and situation, as well as global markets.


Now it is time to put your plan and your investment strategy to work.

The Journeys Group Difference

Choosing the right financial team to help you achieve your important long-term goals may be one of the most important financial decisions you make.  We go above and beyond to serve our clients, including:

  • Acting as a fiduciary, meaning we have a legal and ethical interest to put our clients first. Always
  • Providing financial planning and Evidence-based investment management built around each client’s unique situation
  • Providing fee-only advice and services, so that our compensation is aligned with the success of our clients-we only prosper as our clients prosper
  • Bringing years of experience working with successful families, farmers, and business owners

SECURE Act 2.0: Major Changes You Need To Know

Retirement planning underwent a fundamental shift with the passage of recent legislation. The second installment of the SECURE Act was approved by Congress as part of the 2023 Omnibus Spending bill, which has brought significant modifications to the retirement planning environment. We produced this helpful guide to keep you informed about new complex legislation to help keep you informed.

Let Your journey begin with us...

The Journeys Group